Разработчики CoinMetro угрожают слить персональные данные пользователей, если им не выплатят зарплату

Вчера, 5 декабря 2018 года, пользователи платформы CoinMetro получили странное письмо, в котором разработчики жалуются на двухмесячную задержку зарплаты.

В письме разработчики призывают генерального директора Recently Kevin выплатить долг, в противном случае, разработчики угрожают опубликовать данные о сервисе, исходные коды и базу данных с информацией о клиентах.

Текст письма, который опубликовал один из пользователей в своем Facebook:



Dear Coinmetro customer.

We are a team of CoinMetro who have been working here for more than a year.
Recently Kevin — CEO of CoinMetro — refused to pay us for 2 months of our work. We tried to solve this issue with Kevin in peaceful manner, but unfortunately there was no luck.

All we want from Kevin is the payment for 2 months work.
If Kevin keeps refusing to pay us, it’s a pity but we have our own way to solve, although it would be not very welcomed.

We have full information of CoinMetro customers including names, emails, password, phone numbers, addressses and IPs, and ID files in JPG / PNG format.
Here is the screenshot.

Also, we have full source code since we have been working here for a year.

We can share customer information on any websites, and I cannot guarantee that any hackers or others won’t make ill use of it for any purpose.

Also if we share source code, any hackers can use it to break the system, and any Rivals of CoinMetro can easily beat CoinMetro. That should hurt your business as well.


The only reason I am letting you know is, we want to solve this issue peacefully with Kevin, and your help would be really appreciated.
We are the starting member of this platform and we really love this platform. So We also don’t want to ruin CoinMetro by any means.

We the team including 2 backend develoeprs, 1 front developer and 4 designers have been waiting for Kevin to pay us, but he kept saying he would be paying us soon. Now he makes meaningless and non-sense excuse to pay, and even doesn’t reply to us anymore.

If we are not able to solve this issue by this week, we will do
— share full customer information of more than 60,000 users including their personal information as well as ID card photos.
— share full source code and full resources of CoinMetro platform.

We have been trying to solve with Kevin, and we gave enough time to Kevin.

Now, if any bad groups or bad guys make ill use of it, it’s not our credits at all.

Also, from next Monday, we will selling this full data to Rivals of CoinMetro at $100.


Again, we still love CoinMetro and we don’t want to do this at all. Your help is the only way to solve this issue at the moment.

Please contact Kevin or other important persons of CoinMetro and pursuade them to solve this issue before anything happens.


One of you already complained and appealed to Kevin to solve this issue in this Reddit thread.


I think all of you can post your comments there to force Kevin to solve this issue.
Kevin is keeping eyes on these posts for 24hrs and keeps deleting the unwanted comments, but I do believe if all of you act, we can solve this issue before this platform is tarnished.
I just really want to solve this issue than making a chaos.

You also can discuss this in Facebook CoinMetro page or post messages there.

Let’s solve this issue together or everything will be ruined.

Thank you for your time.

Редакция CoinCrumbs.io связалась с комьюнити CoinMetro в официальном телеграм канале t.me/CoinMetro с просьбой разъяснить ситуацию.

Первый ответ мы получили от администратора группы с текстом:

Hi there. Yes, these contractors cannot be legally paid as they’re OFAC sanctioned

Hi Yaroslav, that is part of the story. The short answer is that the contractor was not who he said he was and was restricted by OFAC. Upon learning this, CoinMetro is not legally able to pay him.

Here’s the official response from the team that we recommend you read regarding the situation https://coinmetro.com/unsolicited-communications